About Mind Algorithm

At Mind Algorithm, we are a business and engineering solutions company focused on empowering the business strategic direction and advance engineering solution that set companies to higher leverage of values proposition in products and services– it’s our reason for being, and the guiding force driving us to become the most technologically advanced and most trusted in our field.  Whether we’re serving one of the world’s biggest and best-known brands or the coolest tech startups, our resolve never wavers. We share common desires and values with these brands: to make a difference by empowering a better, healthier, safer and cleaner world, in all we do.

In providing the extraordinary consultation services, our mission has become clear: to deliver value through 4 empowering sets of solutions:

  • Strategic Business Direction to help you leveraging business positioning against the competitors.
  • Disruptive Innovation Solutions to help you stay relevant in a world of change.
  • Advance Manufacturing Technology Solutions to leverage your business from conventional human time consuming and low productivity method to high quality and high output.
  • Engineering Excellence with world-class engineers and capabilities to complement and collaborate with your team, to help you solve the toughest problems when translating an idea into a differentiated and manufacturable world-class product.

Executive Leadership

Mahathir Azmi

Founder & CEO

The future of manufacturing landscape and process will change significantly towards the automation and integrated system of software to control the quality and enhance the process for higher output. Mind Algorithm is a Malaysian company that is building new technology and looking forward to manufacture high technology products using fully automation system that integrated with IoT and big data with Artificial Intelligent analyzing assistance for decision making.


The State Government set up KKIP to catalyse economic growth for the state. KKIP is designed to be a modern integrated self-contained township that offers a comprehensive mix of investment, education, commerce, leisure and residential opportunities.

We aim to deliver sustainable planned development that work in tandem with our commitment to uplift the quality of life as well as conserve the natural environment of the area.

With the support of the State Government, we are confident of establishing KKIP as one of the nation’s ideal investment choice.

Research Programs

Mind Algorithm (MA) with collaboration University of Tun Hussien Onn (UTHM) for Research and Development on two products, Hoverwing and Rotary Vane Engine where MA to provide the design and manufacturing method and UTHM to provide resources to manufacture the prototype and specific research activities. The first prototype is schedule to be completed by end of this year and ready for testing.

An illustration is Prototype Hoverwing:
The hoverwing is hybrid model of hovercraft that flies by using ground effect above water surface without constant contact driven by aerodynamic lift generated on a wing

Prototype Rotary Vane Engine:
The Rotary Vane Engine operates in a highly efficient thermodynamic cycle which includes a power expansion phase up to ambient pressure and a limited temperature constant volume combustion followed by a constant pressure combustion and/or a constant temperature.

The final product design will be commercialized tetatively by end of year 2019 and the targeted customers will be as follows:

  1. Hoverwing – Sea and river transportation customers where it’s faster than conventional boats and economical in term of fuel and maintenance.
  2. Rotary Engine Vane – The engine will be used to supply electrical power to the rural areas which cost effective compare to normal electric generator.


We are looking for investors to invest for various projects ranging from high complexity services business to high technology products that having huge potential internationally and high return. You are welcome to talk to us on your requirements of business!!